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michelle - 2005-03-21
I have a blue ringneck named Virgil. He is by far the best bird we have ever owned. He stays on his cage and likes to sit on top. We have never closed the door to his cage and he has never flown off. He loves his home. We also have never had a need to clip his wings. He has learned to say a few words and is very talented and does a few tricks. His favorite foods are fresh corn on the cob, mango, grapes, broccoli, and peanuts. I highly recomend this type of bird!!

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Tara - 2005-03-21
I just got a 6 week old mini lop for my sons and myself. Oliver (Mr. Bunny) - as my 2 year old calls him is the best pet for us. He is so cute and loveable. My son loves to hold him and Oliver just sits there until Alex is finished holding him. He loves to run around his cage (a large wooden box). I have put in lots of toys for him to play with and will be adding more soon. I let him run around our mud room for his "free time" and will be letting him run around in the kitchen as he gets older. I am looking forward to the years to come and watching Oliver, Alex, and Ethan (now 6 months) grow up together.

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Benjamin - 2005-03-21
I think Blue Tangs are the coolest fish on earth.I am looking foward to having one of my own.I have a 55 gallon fully mature tank containing,a Yellow Tang, Pygmy Chrub Angel, and sevral types of Damselfish. I also think that this sight is the best. It provides alot of good advise and facts.

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Hilde A. Wulf - 2005-03-20
I have had 2 Fancy Mice in 4 years. 1 boy and 1 girl. When purchasing my first mouse, I realized that some of the mice in the cage had swollen privates. Me and my mom questioned 1 of the petstore people and found out that they were boys and that was infact the way to spot genders in Fancy Mice.
When looking at mice for the second time,(in earnest at least)I noticed that 1 of the younger females had crusties around her eye. Immediatly I questioned the petstore helpers again and found that this was nothing fatal and just to wipe their eyes gently with a warm wash-cloth.

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Jessica Young - 2005-03-20
I love these little fish!They are so adorable.I rescued mine at the pet store, they sold them as food for other fish.they get along with my snail verry well,and are verry pleasant.

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Karmyn - 2005-03-19
I think animals are so cute!They are so caring and they just give you someone to love and to take care of!They are really great no matter if they are a dog,a bird,a cat,a snake, or even a tiger or a lion!

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semra - 2005-03-19
I think those bunneys are so cute and adorable.

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Anonymous - 2005-03-19
I have three fancy rats, and they get along very nicly.

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Paul Toronto - 2005-03-19
I got my Nicaragua Cichlid, its been 7 days seems to know who I am, He always come out, and stays infront of me, He is about 2.5-3 inches, and WOW he is getting so pretty, he is already getting the blue/purple colors in his face and top fin! I am really glad I didnt give him back! OH and he is smart! He follows my fingers as I lead him to food!, a Great fish for everyone!

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Erin - 2005-03-19
I just got my minirex today his name is Thumper and he is all black except for the pads of his feet. They are grey. He is the cutest most lovable little bunny I have ever met. Except for when he peed on my leg on the ride home. :) He is currently room mating with my guinea pig maggie. They seem to be getting along very well.


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