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Chris Bono - 2005-03-17
I had a Catalina Macaw for about 12 years. Me and him (or Her) were buds. We got along really great, we slept together (by my head), we played every single day. His/her name was Tailgate. I purchased him/her over in Hawaii for $1,800 and it was worth every cent. I got rid of his cage about 5 years ago and just put him/her on a perch. It worked out really well. (a couple of times he/she did get down) He/she did have his moments, but not really towards me. He/she adapted to two people in our house real well. Did not really like anyone else. I had to move and place him up in our cabin in the moutains for a couple of months with my former roomate. The day I was to go up and pick him up and take him to his new home, he died. No one knows what happen to him/her. It appeared as though he/her fell from the perch and broke his/her neck. A freak thing I guess. I was very upset. This bird meant everything to me. I cried for about 1 week. (this happen just about 2 weeks ago) I have been looking at replacing him/her with another or even a Hyacinth Macaw, but I lack money. Maybe some day I figure. I will be moving over to Hawaii in October and who knows.

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Dani - 2005-03-17
This website is great it gives a lot of answers that you dont know.The answers are easy to understand. I love to know what is going on with guinea pigs and i like to know how i can love my guinea pig, Hamish, more every day, how i can keep him in good health, and about good happy lifestyle patterns. From Dani

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Lydia Alcancia - 2005-03-16
I am from the Philippines and my arowana was given to me by my son on my birthday last Oct. 2000. I love to see him swim. I usually fed him fish and heart chicken. Last March 6, it jumps from his aquarium a 72 gal. one, it felt twice while being returned to his aquarium. After three days, it died. The whole family were so lonely that we missed our arowana. we decided to bring it to taxidermist so we can see him always.My son who is in Korea wants to see him when he go home. We will surely missed our pet arowana. . I want to buy a new one, but it was said it is better when given not bought. . To all arowana lovers love your arowana because you will missed it . . .Lydia from the Philippines

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bernie - 2005-03-16
I have a orange dutch rabbit, he is still only young-4 months. He is really great with people he knows, but if someone he dosent know comes into the house he runs behind the table. his so sweet and afectionate, i would certainly recommend this breed of rabbit to anyone whos thinking about buying.

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Pam - 2005-03-16
Hi! My name is Pam and I am 44 years old. My kids and I love our critters. Oh, by the way....Critters = Hamsters! Right now, we have (3) Teddy Bears (1 male and 2 females, 2 Pandas (1 male & 1 female) and (1) Golden male. We are going to have a blessed critter event in our home this week. Peaches, one of our female teddy bears is due to give birth on 3/18/05. Peaches is a very sweet hamster and so she should give birth to a very well tempered litter of pups. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of Peaches first litter. Hopefully, we will get at least one more that is exactly like her.

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daniel - 2005-03-16
i am studying animal care at college and i found your site interesting, i have a mouse.

you said that you can pick a mouse up by holding the middle of the tail this is not true you can pull the entire tail off, you should hold the tail as close to the body as possible, i dont like this way of handling i scoop the mouse up like a hamster it dosent put strain on the body

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roxy white 11years old - 2005-03-16
i have two great gliders and they are so cool to play with but my lil girl bites so hard she makes me bleed, but they are so fun and my boy he is so funny. i have a 13 inch jar and about a 5 inch hole that goes down. once i had a ace rap and jack got in it and he pulled it out it was so cute! if you want one you should get one, they are so cool and cute! roxy

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Anonymous - 2005-03-16
these fish are very fun to care for. i would recommend these for anyone from a newbie to expert breeders. very hardy, and get along very well with all my other fish. im still trying to figure how to breed them. they are very good jumpers, i found out the hard way... i must say tho, if u have anything less then a 55 Gallon tank (if u have a 55, dont get more than 2) dont get one of these because they can grow very very large, i ve seen some that are 15 inches long.

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Amber - 2005-03-15
I just bought a holland lop rabbit and it is so awesome. he is friendly and loves to cuddle. he loves to play with my dog and is very smart! i would recommend this rabbit to anyone who has the time for one

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Gary - 2005-03-15
senegal parrots are so exciting with their cheeky personalities. my lorito is such a nice bird, i would recommend a senegal as your first parrot.


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