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Samir - 2005-03-31
One of the best fish. Very friendly even with betta!!!

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Anonymous - 2005-03-31
I bought my Black Moor, named Piglet, a month ago because I instantly fell in love with their cuteness. My Black Moor is very active and friendly, trailing behind my female fish wherever she swims in the tank. When I first brought him home, he ate a full algae tablet in less than 20 minutes once he found it. He chews his flake food, spits it out, and then eats it.

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Elizabeth - 2005-03-31
I have a beautiful polish dwarf. He is black and white, he looks like a baby dalamation. His name is Jazper, (the "z" sounds like an "s")Jazz or Jazzy for short. Whatever you do, when you get a male rabbit... or any rabbit, spay or neuter it. Unless you are a breeder. I suggest this because your rabbit(s) will want to bite. Jazper unfortunately, was a biter. Nobody wanted Jazper, "a biter", so we took him to our home. My family loves him, after neutering him. Jazper is the most playful rabbit in the world, you could mistake him for a playful puppy! He has not bitten since! We are so lucky to have Jazper!
And he is happy to have found a home!

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  • Yohanon - 2010-04-11
    Pity - Frankie, an American polish Dwarf, was **not** neutered and **never** bit or kicked anyone in his nearly 14 years with us. (The only time he was aggressive was when he was protecting my daughter who was rough-housing with her mother; and even then he only threatened.)
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nicole - 2005-03-31
I have been playing musical tanks with my fish to find the right combinations. I have 8 neon tetras, 6 black skirt tetras, a black phantom tetra, 4 platies, 5 mollies (plus one baby that hid when I got rid of the rest), a betta, and a blue gourami. In addition I sort of breed snails. Knowing I have to watch what I put the gourami with is why I am playing musical tanks. He gets along fine with the mollies and the platies, but chases the tetras. I am leery of putting the betta and gourami together. So I had the gourami with the platies and all the snails in one tank. But I just found out that the gourami nips at my snails tentacles, and I just can not have that. So now he is in with no snails, the 4 platies and my neons. Seems to do ok with the neons because if he gets close to them, they are faster and go to the other side of the tank. As he gets bigger, I will be taking all the small fish out of his tank. But beautiful fish, and I can not wait till he is full grown :)

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Matt Poole aka cheese boy - 2005-03-31
I have a mouse. I like it. Its my only friend. i like cheese as gonna buy a $50 wheel of mouse likes cheese too. i called it mr cheesy, we fight over the cheeses alot. he likes it. you could say "i scream for cheese, you scream for cheese, we all scream for cheese!"
mice and cheese rock. love, Matt

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princesses - 2005-03-30
My guinea pigs are called Bobby and Teeco. I have had Bobby since 1998 so he is 6 YEARS OLD. Teeco is 1 AND A HALF YEARS OLD. My guinea pigs are the best in the WORLD!!!!

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Jillian - 2005-03-30
Anyone who says sugar gliders are an easy pet are grossly misinformed and probably do not care for their gliders appropriately. Sugar gliders need a very specific diet with fresh fruits, vegitables, insects and special vitamins. Please do NOT purchase a sugar glider because it is cute. Hundreds of sugar gliders a year are abandoned or mistreated because their owners had no idea what they were getting themselves into. If you are interested in a sugar glider PLEASE do your research and do NOT listen to any owner or breeder that says they are easy to take care of.

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Rebecca Patteson - 2005-03-30
I have a 3 year old rabbit called Tigger. He lies down beside me and licks my face!He loves to run around the garden. He always follows me and jumps up beside me. He is the best pet in the world and i love him with all me heart.

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r.j. kris - 2005-03-30
I had purchased a female yellow mantle and find this bird to be absolutely prolific. She was approximately 1 year old at purchase. She used to "keek, keek" a lot..thought I would get her a mate, some how I thought she was calling for a mate and ever since I bought the male for her she has been somewhat quiet. I will always have these birds as one passes on I will acquire another. Also the female accepted the male immediately, and they mated in an active home environment. About everything the books said they would not do.....THEY DID! I also believe they are very acceptable to family life to be held and played with. The female I have was adaptable to just about everything....this may be unusual but I have had very good luck with the rosellas. They are now paired and breeding and as far as I know never fight. The female is attentive and loving both to her babies but ALSO to the MALE.

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Suzy - 2005-03-30
hi all the rex rabbit owners out there. i bought my daisy may (she is a black beauty) on the 25th march 05 for my lil sister as she has had enough of us all buying her chocolate eggs for easter. so i though id be different and buy her a rabbit. she had also lost 2 hamsters she loved so much, in the matter of one month. i have never known such a good natured animal in my life. she is only 9 weeks old and every one has fallen in love with her. i could never of asked for such a good pet.


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