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Kay - 2005-04-17
I am looking into getting a Holland Lop rabbit. I have heard so many wonderful things about them. I am going to probably get one for my birthday. They are so cute. I went to a pet store at the mall and they let me play with a broken black. He was so gentle! Really recommend getting one!

Taylor - 2005-04-16

I have a Holland Lop rabbit too, and I think that it is so cute!

Anonymous - 2005-04-16
I have a blue holland lop and he has a lovely nature about him! His name is Alfie. He is so big. I have had him now for 3 years and I cant imagine what it would be like to live witout him. He is very quiet and he lives outside in a shed. He scares all the cats off if they intrude in his territory. He also makes me laugh when he leaps over the log in our garden! I love him so much and he is my best pet yet!
~~Elizabeth~~ Liverpool~~2005

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Marrias - 2005-04-16
Sugar gliders are so cool! im only 12 and i know a lot about animals. I recently bought a male glider and he started breeding with my female. A few weeks later 2 joeys popped up. theve been in the pouch for a month and expecting them soon. ooh I cant wait!

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Nicole Daniels - 2005-04-16
Hi my name is Nicole Daniels and my sister and I just got 2 Mini Rexes today. We are going to show them in 4-H. It is my first year. my bunny Athina is a broken colored Rex, and my sisters bunny Jay is a Castren colored. I just love them to death.


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Brittni - 2005-04-16
I had a dwarf bunny this fall and it was killed by a dog as was my past one. I suggest keeping your bunny in the garage. However they are extremely cute and one that I had licked my family and me and even fell asleep in our arms. Dwarves are the best!!

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Thefishkeeper - 2005-04-15
The sexual difference is easy to tell. Look at the "tags" around the anal...females have 2. I have a female who is beautiful, also do not feed them live food! trust me! Feeder fish are just swimming with disease, there is also no nutritional value, its the equivilent to popcorn. Feed frozen silversides, tiger shrimp, krill, and put some vita-chem on it. The life of your shark will be much longer!

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Paul D. Swanson - 2005-04-15
My Texans are now on their second batch of fry. I rescued about 50 from the first batch and they are doing fine in other tanks. The second batch has been left in the tank with the parents. They take them out on "walks" every day and dote on them. The tank is full of other cichlids but they are nowhere to be found. They hide in the rocks and bushes until I throw in some food. Then they dart out and commence the feeding frenzy. The Texans have all their tank mates completely dominated. Its been two weeks and the fry are still there. Im guessing that in a few weeks they will mostly be gone unless they can find a place to hide in the bushes as well.

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Randy Crout - 2005-04-15
I am owned by a wonderful Military Macaw, Diego. I played with Diego in a local store for months and finally purchased him. Diego goes to all 3 children, children in the neighborhood, adult neighbors, friends and family. He will be 1 on May 5, 2005. Gentle, funny, cuddly and adorable Diego laughs and talks and wants to talk more as he tries hard to communicate with all of us. He did tell my loud Sun Conure to shut up the other day.

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Mike - 2005-04-15
I have 4 tanks that hold 5 gallons. I started with simple fish like minnows and now moved on to these fancy fish.( I think their fancy). I have used this website to set up my tetra tank and this is great information.THANKs.


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