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Brian Bunt - 2005-04-02

I have a blue fronted amazon, a senegal parrot, and a pastel peached face love bird. My amazon treats the other two as if they were his off-spring, and he is always feeding them. It really is something to see this bird interact with the other birds and myself. Swoop is his name and he has over a 50 word vocabulary and he is only 2 yrs old. Truly they are amazing birds, and I love mine as if it were a child.

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Brittany D - 2005-04-02
I have a 10 month old Broken Netherland Dwarf. Hes a big ball of fun, and very curious and hyper. Id recommend this breed for anyone starting out. Netherlands are very easy to groom, i groom mine about once every 2 weeks and clip his nails once a month. Hes not one to be held but he does love nose scratches and rubs. Netherlands are very cute bunnies and are now one of the most popular breeds of rabbits. Especially around easter, they have that "easter bunny look".

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Edith - 2005-04-02
My parakeets are so noisy they wake up my neighbors.

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Debbie Harris - 2005-04-02
I have three 5 inch Silver Dollars in a 75 gallon tank with one eight inch green severum, 1 one inch gold severum, two catfish, one gourami, and a pleco. The Silver Dollars and Severum seem to be watching me when I am in the room and I have not found them to be skiddish. They are very gentle fish and a pleasure to watch.

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Rick - 2005-04-02
Just lost my Indian Ringneck (Casey)and her loss affected me more than any other pet that I have had. I had her 12 years and from day one she loved me like no other. Her personality and spirit exceeded her size. She would sway on her perch and put her little head under her wings when she saw me. I absolutely loved that bird and I am desperately trying to find another one. I have had many pets in my lifetime including birds but none have touched my heart like her. Highly recommend

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Tara - 2005-04-01
I just got my first mini rex today and i just love him like crazy he loves to cuttle i do not put my rex in a cage though because i think it is wrong to have a pet and have it stuck in a cage the whole time. he does sleep in one and while i am at work but as soon as i get home he comes out to play he is sleeping in my hand right now he is only 7 weeks old he is pure black and is so very soft i have decided that sence he is so calm he will by my traveling budy i love my mini rex

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Holly - 2005-04-01
My sister and I had teddy bear hamsters a few years back, mine ended up having a litter of 10, and of all 12 of them only one baby survived. it died about 22 weeks later. my boyfriend and i just got a dwarf though. shes the cutest thing!!

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Kate Hosie - 2005-04-01
I think that Holland Lops are about the best breed of rabbit you can get! I love them, show them, breed them and enjoy every minute of it!

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jasty - 2005-04-01
they need a balanced diet and multi grain vegetable bars! Tyler and I, have just gotten a pet mouse that is the size of our pinky finger. mice need a loving family to take care of their social needs, or they will be mean. we love mice and should hail them

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Dj Dude - 2005-03-31
Hi dudes,
i have two lil dudes (giunea pigs).
They are the coolest in the world, dude
Please put this comment on the website.
I wanna make my lil dudes proud.


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