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Tim Holyoake - 2005-01-13
I have 2 banjos. I actullay picked up 1 dead one with my fingers to throw him out, But he "Felt" alive. I let him drop back into the tank and he was still dead. The next morning he had moved, and the next again.
They are ugly (Even a mother would have second thoughts). Boring (I have never seen either of them move under there own steam). Even when you can find where they are you usually cant see them,(Buried in sand or under bog wood. So why do I openly admit to them being my favorites. I must be as dense as the rest of you guys....... ! ! !

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ciara - 2005-01-13
mice are first great pets especially for young children!!!

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Kelsey pettus - 2005-01-13
These are the cutest baby gunie pigs!

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Megan - 2005-01-13
I have two english angoras and they are the best pets you could possibly have! Whats best about them, besides being irrisistably cute, is they are VERY sociable and will follow you around like a dog, begging for attention. If you are looking for a cute, friendly pet these are definetly the pet for you!!(as long as you are willing to groom them)

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Math Wiz - 2005-01-13
Your site is so cool!

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Tanya - 2005-01-12
I bought my Raphael just over five years ago. He was about 3" then and is now nearly 7" long. I have him in a thirty gallon tank with a pictus cat and 6 large cichlids. Everyone gets along famously!

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jessica - 2005-01-12
To "mongo" although i have heard conures are some what terriorial my conure lives with another bird, a cockatiel, and they are the best of friends. give it a try and see how they get along.

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cone - 2005-01-12
i bought a black moor yesterday and named him google. i thought it was an appropriate name because of his eyes. he tends to like to try to jump into my filter which is kind of amusing. i also have another 8 black moors. google seems to be the outcast in the group and stays as far away as possible from the others, but it cant be that bad because i have a 150 gallon tank

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EON SHAH - 2005-01-11
I have been breeding dalmation mollies for sometime and find them very enjoyable to look at. they also live with different kinds of helleris.

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Daniel Estrada - 2005-01-11
I would greatly encourage any one to have a Havana as a pet. Mine was wonderful and a great companion. If you do choose these pets and do not wish to breed them please have them spayed. I tradegically lost my most loved pet of 4 years to uterine cancer on January 6th 2005. They are so lovable and sweet. They do not hesitate to show you that they love you. I will miss her deeply. They will endear themselves to you and will add a light to you life.


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