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Anonymous - 2005-04-21
i just got a baby coon, his name is rosco. he is so adorable. his mom was shot because she made her home in a cottage chimey. my grandma took the other 4.

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Golden Fish - 2005-04-21
If taken proper care, Gold fish live longer than 20 years. Goldfish are cheap but their life is not worthless. Gold fish require a lot of space for growth and are messy creatures so consider giving them a big home or keep few in small tanks (rule of thumb 5 gallons per inch of fish). Be kind and provide them good home. I hope people treat thier fish like they want themself to be treated.

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Kalee Sage - 2005-04-21
I love my NZ babys so much!! I have a gray one named Billy Rabbit and a black and white one. His name is Salt and pepper. he is a cross between a NZ and California. Theyre both still babys. I HIGHLY recommend a NZ bunny, there so lovable. mine are both boys. Billy likes you to turn him over on his back and scratch his tummy! They love my dogs and my dogs love them.T hey like to snuggle up with the dogs. when theyre in the pen the dogs lay by there pen. They love to sit on your shoulder, when they sit with me they sometimes try to climb on to my shoulder. You will fall in love with a New Zealand bunny and they will fall in love with you!

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ATLI - 2005-04-21
I have 2 banjo catfish and have often mistaken them for rocks.

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krystal - 2005-04-20
i just got a minilop. i named her binkie. she is only 6-7 weeks old. she likes to be held on her back she and is very calm and gentle. sometimes i take her outside and let her run around, she likes that! I cant wait until she grows up, shes so adorable. i love her.

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Deanna - 2005-04-20
hi. i have a teddy bear hamster that is just cute, but he has the sneezes every time you hold him. after looking up on this wonderful wedsite, i found out he has a cold. i am so happy i got him.

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Anonymous - 2005-04-20
Animal world helped me SOOOO much with my project for school. I got 4. I am SO happy.

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Blondie - 2005-04-20
The first Leporinus I brought home is snow white w/blk. bars. I took a second one home the following night and the two swam side by side with mouths open before going at it with scales flying. I brought a third home the next night, and neither showed this behavior towards it. I suspect the first two are males. They still spar, but no out and out fighting. These two seem to have a bit more black edging on dorsal and rear of anal fins. They also have a bit more color on their pelvic fins. They pay attention only to each other, not their tankmates, which are gouramis, headstanders, bleeding hearts, kissers. They are in a 125. They need their own kind to interact with, and lots of room. They love meaty foods, but also love halved cucumber and zucchini held with an elastic on a rock, and spinach and romaine lettuce on a veggie clip, and algae wafers.

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cameron - 2005-04-20
the bestest macaws ever!

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Danica - 2005-04-20
I have a sun conure (chiko) and he is very playful. He loves toys and climbing. He also loves coming out of his cage. He is about 8 months old and has started talking and says what up and hello.


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