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Joanne - 2005-03-23
Our family had a polish dwarf that was 7 years old. His name was Cottontail, he was white with blue eyes. He was litter boxed trained, and would come to his name called. Unfortunately, he died of a baterial infection, unbeknown to us. Our vet, who specializes in small animals said that our Cottontail was the oldest he ever took care of. We fed Cottontail only alfalfa pellets, fresh fruit: apples and carrots. He was a wonderful family pet! He is missed very much!!

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Heather - 2005-03-23
I had a Holland Lop for 12 years.. she was the most amazing pet I have ever had to date.

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Mike - 2005-03-23
I have 2 blue gouramis 4 inches long, they are agressive and have to be kept seperate from my other aquarium. I believe i have a male and female breeding pair from the difference in dorsal fins and coloration. they do a wierd dance when together that i can only describe as courtship. so far no egg bubbles.

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jessica - 2005-03-23
I have a two year old mini-rex named Lucious. He is of the broken coloration. He is the sweetest bunny in the world. He is very curious and friendly and loves to be petted. He was my first bunny and since, I have added two more to the family. Lily is a mini-lop and Briella is a Netherland Dwarf. While I love all three, Lucious is the one with the most personality of the three. I recommend a bunny to anyone who wants to share in a wonderful, loving relationship with an animal. They take work, but they are worth ever effort!

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Darla - 2005-03-23
My rabbit is a brown dutch. He is just so cute! His name is Ralph. I got him at the age of 3 weeks and he has been hyper ever since. I absolutely adore his whiskers. If you take care of them properly they can live from 10-15 years. GET A DUTCH!!!

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sim - 2005-03-23
hi my name is sim. i have 1 male guinea pig called lucy, and i did have a female called mia. she gave birth to two little babies, i boy called seamus, and i girl called petal. she sadly passed away shortly after the birth due to prolapse, so i have been bottle feeding the kids every 2 hours. And i love them all dearly.

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Preben Joost - 2005-03-22
I have 10 silverdollars and they are my favorite fishes. They are quite easily scared, so put the tank in a quiet corner of the room. Keep them in groups of six or more in a big tank. Feed them a lot with lettuce, bloodworms, vegetable flakefood. Change 1/3 of the water every week and you won

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J from New York - 2005-03-22
I very recently bought a Netherland Dwarf Bunny. I moved into an apartment and wanted some life there when I got home from work everyday. Well let me tell you, he has just been wonderful. My mother who doesnt even like animals fell in love with him and told me anytime I go away I can leave him with her. Now that is magic! I am so happy with my choice and look forward to years of joy and fun with this little guy.

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Suze - 2005-03-22
I have a gorgeous mini lop called molly, who after 6 months started to show rather boyish behaviour, turned out my little princess was no longer a girl but in fact a boy!poor thing!But hes lively and full of life still so we have kept with the name molly!They make great pets!

Clara Sparks - 2005-03-22
I love mini lops they are the cutest thuings in the whole entire world


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