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Lee - 2014-08-09
My 4 yr old Senegal has taken up attacking the dog! She is down right mean about it..... what can I do?

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  • Limubhuiya - 2014-08-11
    I suggest that you separate the dog away from your Senegal.
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Olivia Brebes - 2014-01-08
Hello! I just got my Rose-Haired Tarantula yesterday, I'm a little worried about how to approach her. When I adopted her there was no helper to tell me about her, (well no one knew.) and so I'm worried because I don't know how she will react to me touching or picking her up. Last night she ate her first cricket and this morning I added another so that there is three at all times. Am I doing anything wrong? PLEASE give me tips or tell me if I'm doing something wrong. Thank You! SIDE NOTE: I have wanted this Tarantula for 3 years and I REALLY want her to stay alive, please reply ASAP! Also: HUMIDITY: 65 TEMPERATURE: 70 degrees

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-09
    What a great pet you have. Please take the time to read the care information up above. It will answer many of your questions, including handling and feeding. You'll want to slow down on the crickets:P
  • Jocelyn Meza - 2014-08-10
    Keep her in a tank that is about ten gallons, have her in dirt about 3-4 inches high, have a hideout for her, its very important. They normally eat about 3-4 insects a week depending on their age and size. Always have a bit of water in a small container.
Jocelyn Meza - 2014-08-10
Hey everyone, I have a female rose hair tarantula and I've been having her for about two weeks and she has not eaten at all, I try feeding her live meal worms and still wont eat, her environment is about 2 ft. Lenght and width. Lately she has been very inpatient and wont stop moving and trying everything to get out , so about three times a week I take her out so she can walk around, & I put her in a smaller container to make sure she eats but she just won't

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Kaleemullah - 2014-06-25
Hi I have one pair of diamond doves but there is some problem when the male comes near to the female then the female fights with the male. Why is the female doing this please help me?

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  • Renee - 2014-08-10
    Are these new doves? I think if the female had a mate somewhere else like at the pet store, maybe she is still thinking she is paired with him... Since they are monogamous. It may take some time. I'm still fairly new to this as well
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Anonymous - 2014-08-10
What temprature do you have your scorpion at guys.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-13
    They need a temperature between 75° - 90 °F  with 75-80% humidity.
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missy b - 2006-08-06
my mom has two of these sweet little birds, that she takes outside and hangs in a tree every day. The birds love it and other birds have even come to visit them. One day when she brought them in at the end of the day we noticed that the male bird was missing! We were very upset and looked every where for him, not expecting to find him. The next morning while sitting on the deck we hear the little bird calling for his mate, and sure enough there he was sitting in a tree looking very sad. She brought his cage outside and he flew over to it and she carried them back in the house! We never did find out how he got out, or where he spent the night! We all wish that little LB, "little bird", could talk!

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  • tercia cronje - 2014-08-10
    I note your post was in 2006 already but so sadly reminds me of what happened to my little zebra finch as I hanged them on the tree and a Jan Fiskaal got hold of her through the bars of the cage. So please be very carefull when you hang your little birds on trees outside
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Griffin Wright - 2014-08-10
My ASNT is gone?! Is he buried under the rocks? I can't see his shell and his tank walls are too big for him to get out. Someone help?!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-13
    Why don't you clean the tank and look for him.
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Hellena Replogle - 2009-06-05
I just thought it would be good to tell you that you should add that boxers are more likely to get cancer then most dogs are. They are VERY athletic dogs so should go on walks multipul times a day. Thank you

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  • Ashton - 2014-08-09
    yes that is very true and good quality breeders with good blood lines have a lot less problems with cancer and other diseases
Ashton - 2014-08-09
hi my name is Ashton and I love boxers very much they're my favorite breed they're awesome dogs great with kids I train my dog very well to where they were perfect off the leash any dogs I ever owned know all the basic commands I went to grooming school and did a lot of volunteering so I did a lot of dog training and my female boxer was stolen from us and we were hoping that somebody out there it might be trying to get rid of they're pure bread female boxer we would give her a wonderful loving home she would be an inside dog the one that was stolen was a real beautiful cropped ears flashy fawn champion bloodline female and we love her so much and we miss her so there anybody out there thats looking to rehome their female boxer please give me a call at 865 360 4360 thank you so much for your time and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Julia Torti - 2011-10-07
How much do polish dwarf rabbits cost ?????????Do poliisgh dwarf rabbits bite much?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-07
    Polish cost around $25 normally and they are pretty easy going. Not bitey but like to taste your fingers when little. Not biting just more like a pup licks you.
  • Judy - 2014-08-09
    I have 2 polish and I bought them for $30

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