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More info at Animal-World - 2014-10-19
i want to purchase a gold tux swordtail please advise where i can order thank you....emma lee

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Janice whimpey - 2014-10-19
Does it bite

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kerri - 2009-02-08
I've had a wonderful Lhasa for about 6 years now. Bachelor was about 4 when I got him. I inherited him from a friend because he'd bitten a little girl. The first couple of years were rocky. He wasn't housetrained and had severe separation anxiety when I would be gone at work all day. I had another female dog in the house, Sunni, but apparently she wasn't enough company. After many sets of chewed up miniblinds, my neighbor took it upon herself to start babysitting him everyday while I was at work. It worked out great for about a year! ...until they moved. Oddly enough, he's done fine ever since. We've since installed a doggie door so he, the Lhasa-Poo mix, Sunni, and Maxx the Golden Retriever have the run of the place and Bachelor has adjusted nicely. He's so spoiled. If he's not sleeping at our feet, he's up on our pillows right by our heads or between us. Lhasas are great dogs, but I agree, they don't like the teasing. We have actually had to 'learn' how to play with him because he plays different than the other 2 dogs. We are more careful with him so he doesn't feel threatened by play that is too rough, even though it's not intended that way. He has definitely picked out the 'leader of the pack' around our house. I would recommend Lhasas to any couple without children. They are great companions!

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  • Joan - 2014-10-19
    I have a 2 year old male Lhasa apso and since he was very young he has absolutely adored all my grandchildren from newborn to 18 years old. When he hears th very young grandchild cry he gets very concerned and wants to lick him. He runs around and plays with the 3 and 8 year ild as though he was another child and the 15 and 18 year old he gives them lots of live back in return to what they give him. He loves everyone who is involved in my family but very wary of strangers who cime to my door. He is sociable with other digs but he us clever enough to give a wide berth when off his lead when he sees a dog he is unsure of.
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Connor - 2014-10-15
I have one male red swordtail and he is a gorgeous fish and gets on with my red finned platies, mollies, clown loaches, penguin tetras and my neon tetras. But does anyone know when my female red tail platy will give birth because she has been pregnant for ages and has had no babies?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-17
     The average gestation period of a live bearer is about 28 days, so if its been longer than that she may not be pregnant.
  • Connor - 2014-10-19
    Thank you very much for your help and during the time we have had we have had 5 babies and we think it is her because she has got a lot thinner.
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Abhishek - 2014-06-20
Hi all alex lovers! My query is, I bought a male alex of 9 months as claimed by the shopkeeper .. & since I don't have any idea based on his size... I can't figure out whether the shop owner told me the truth about his age! His length is approximately 14inches. & I was also told that as he grows older he will have a ring around his neck. Did he correctly tell me his age? Also it's been 2 days. He is eating fine.. A bit docile & inactive ( just sits picturesque for the major time) but biting good..looks ok from his outside.. And yet hasn't even chirped any sound (maybe once in these 2 days)! Is it because he is adjusting? Or is it something else? Please Help My Veteran alex lovers! :(

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  • shelagh - 2014-10-19
    I have had my Alexandrine for 2 weeks. I was also told that the is approximately 8/9 months old. Jasper was very quiet when we first got him and very scared for a few days. After 2weeks he is now very vocal in the morning and will come to the front of the cage to see us. However he will not allow us to get too close, still a bit scared. He has a light ring around his neck. So I believe he is male as females have no black neck. ring. Hope this helps.
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ike - 2013-05-14
i found a week old baby squirrel and hand fed him for about 8 weeks he was eating nuts and doing great i left the other day to help someone out to come home to find him dead his name was rocky and he was the best pet id ever had i always want him to be remembered love you rocky and we miss you sweetheart our house just is not a home anymore with out you love dad

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-14
    I am so sorry. What a wonderful experience raising him, but such a loss. My deepest condolences.
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Wilson - 2014-03-12
Okay well I have a 100 gal fish tank with a 7-8 in tiger Oscar and a breeding pair of jaguar cichlids, a gar and a convict and a red tail catfish. The Oscar ran the tank until about a few days ago I started to see that the Oscar was acting different. He didn't swim much anymore which he was very active before. The male jaguar and he will flare out at each other, never fight but now the Oscar is just acting terrified. Should I get rid of the female jaguar to calm Jim down? Or what should I do? Also my baby Jack Dempsey which was active at all times stop being active? What's going on? :/

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-03-13
    Hmm, maybe your tankmates are just starting to become more aggressive and territorial. As they get older and/or ready to mate they sometimes will become more aggressive. It might be a good idea to remove the one jaguar cichlid and see how the other fish react. Maybe that will change the dynamics of the tank in a positive way. Are there plenty of hiding places as well? I would make sure there are lots of plants and other distractions where the fish can go.
  • Bryan - 2014-04-11
    Your tank is WAY overstocked. An Oscar, gar, and red tail catfish are going to get HUGE.
  • Rick McCloy - 2014-10-19
    I suspect that your problem comes down to your mannies now breeding, which greatly increases both their territoriality, and level of aggression.
    This will happen later with your J.D.s as well, if they form a pair.
    You will have to address it by keeping any breeding pairs in separate tanks of adequate size; your jaguars will need alot more space than will a pair of JDs.
    Although much smaller than I would like, I suggest that you keep the mannie pair in their current tank, and keep the oscar, and only one JD in a tank of about 135g. You can add one of the smaller plecs to this, or 2-3 striped raphael cats, which are basically indestructible, and remain at a manageable size.----rick
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Kent Robinson - 2014-10-17
If, the elec.Blue Jack Dempseys are too delecate to live w/my Oscars--I'd like to know where to buy regular JD?

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  • David Brough - 2014-10-19
    Jacl Dempseys are very commonly found at pet stores.
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Knife Fish Lover - 2014-10-18
Hey guys Knife Fish Lover here ;),do you guys think i could keep one of these bad boys in my 55 with:2 african brown knife fish,1 featherfin squeaker,6 dojo loaches,and a trinidad pleco?Thanks

Knife Fish Lover-

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Diana Molina - 2014-10-18
 It is a wonderful dog to have !!!  


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