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Rick - 2005-04-02
Just lost my Indian Ringneck (Casey)and her loss affected me more than any other pet that I have had. I had her 12 years and from day one she loved me like no other. Her personality and spirit exceeded her size. She would sway on her perch and put her little head under her wings when she saw me. I absolutely loved that bird and I am desperately trying to find another one. I have had many pets in my lifetime including birds but none have touched my heart like her. Highly recommend

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Tara - 2005-04-01
I just got my first mini rex today and i just love him like crazy he loves to cuttle i do not put my rex in a cage though because i think it is wrong to have a pet and have it stuck in a cage the whole time. he does sleep in one and while i am at work but as soon as i get home he comes out to play he is sleeping in my hand right now he is only 7 weeks old he is pure black and is so very soft i have decided that sence he is so calm he will by my traveling budy i love my mini rex

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Holly - 2005-04-01
My sister and I had teddy bear hamsters a few years back, mine ended up having a litter of 10, and of all 12 of them only one baby survived. it died about 22 weeks later. my boyfriend and i just got a dwarf though. shes the cutest thing!!

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Kate Hosie - 2005-04-01
I think that Holland Lops are about the best breed of rabbit you can get! I love them, show them, breed them and enjoy every minute of it!

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jasty - 2005-04-01
they need a balanced diet and multi grain vegetable bars! Tyler and I, have just gotten a pet mouse that is the size of our pinky finger. mice need a loving family to take care of their social needs, or they will be mean. we love mice and should hail them

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Dj Dude - 2005-03-31
Hi dudes,
i have two lil dudes (giunea pigs).
They are the coolest in the world, dude
Please put this comment on the website.
I wanna make my lil dudes proud.

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Samir - 2005-03-31
One of the best fish. Very friendly even with betta!!!

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Anonymous - 2005-03-31
I bought my Black Moor, named Piglet, a month ago because I instantly fell in love with their cuteness. My Black Moor is very active and friendly, trailing behind my female fish wherever she swims in the tank. When I first brought him home, he ate a full algae tablet in less than 20 minutes once he found it. He chews his flake food, spits it out, and then eats it.

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Elizabeth - 2005-03-31
I have a beautiful polish dwarf. He is black and white, he looks like a baby dalamation. His name is Jazper, (the "z" sounds like an "s")Jazz or Jazzy for short. Whatever you do, when you get a male rabbit... or any rabbit, spay or neuter it. Unless you are a breeder. I suggest this because your rabbit(s) will want to bite. Jazper unfortunately, was a biter. Nobody wanted Jazper, "a biter", so we took him to our home. My family loves him, after neutering him. Jazper is the most playful rabbit in the world, you could mistake him for a playful puppy! He has not bitten since! We are so lucky to have Jazper!
And he is happy to have found a home!

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  • Yohanon - 2010-04-11
    Pity - Frankie, an American polish Dwarf, was **not** neutered and **never** bit or kicked anyone in his nearly 14 years with us. (The only time he was aggressive was when he was protecting my daughter who was rough-housing with her mother; and even then he only threatened.)
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nicole - 2005-03-31
I have been playing musical tanks with my fish to find the right combinations. I have 8 neon tetras, 6 black skirt tetras, a black phantom tetra, 4 platies, 5 mollies (plus one baby that hid when I got rid of the rest), a betta, and a blue gourami. In addition I sort of breed snails. Knowing I have to watch what I put the gourami with is why I am playing musical tanks. He gets along fine with the mollies and the platies, but chases the tetras. I am leery of putting the betta and gourami together. So I had the gourami with the platies and all the snails in one tank. But I just found out that the gourami nips at my snails tentacles, and I just can not have that. So now he is in with no snails, the 4 platies and my neons. Seems to do ok with the neons because if he gets close to them, they are faster and go to the other side of the tank. As he gets bigger, I will be taking all the small fish out of his tank. But beautiful fish, and I can not wait till he is full grown :)


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