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Susan Kane - 2005-05-07
Corky is her name, we got her from a breeder and what a beautiful girl she is. We wanted a male but we love her. She talks and is only 6 months old. We know she could get egg-bound at a certain age. Do you know what we could do to prevent that? Did you ever hear a bird say "Missed you Toosie" That is what she says when I come from work! Pretty neat! SK Cherry Grove, PA

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poppy - 2005-05-07
ferrets r excellent and very playful

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Jenny - 2005-05-07
i really want 2 get a mini lop! they look so friendly and cute!

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Anonymous - 2005-05-07
I have a Mini Rex rabbit. Her name is Jazira. She is my first rabbit. We love her SOOOOO MUCH! She is as sort as clouds and is soooo sweet! She likes to dig up all the sawdust in her cage and then we have to clean it ALL OVER AGAIN! But she is still the BIGGEST CUTIE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

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Naomi Stoddard - 2005-05-06
Hey every one, dont u think that mice are the greatest little pets ever. I had two gerbil before and they were ok...well they were not very nice. I had two males. Then I started looking on the net for another little pet to get. I came upon this site and realized after reading all the information and most of the comments, that I decided to get some mice of my own. I have been thinking and reading up on them for about 4 weeks now and reading different sites. I think that this is the best site for information and cute little stories. So Saturday Ive decided Im going to make my way over to the petstore and get three little mice(hopefully girls). I think i will use one of the habitrail cagees(thats what i used for the gerbils) and get some extra tubes for them to crawl through. Wish me luck on my adventure and when i get them i will tell u all about it :)

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Diana - 2005-05-06
I got a female Holland Lop for my 13th birthday and i think she is the sweetest bunny i will ever meet. She is now 14 weeks old and her name is Hazel because her fur is a light brown color, like a hazel nut. She is very calm when you pet her or handle her, but is very fiesty when you play with her. I recommend a Holland Lop to anyone who wants an adorable pet.

Emma Louise Kirrane - 2005-05-06
Lop eared rabbits are cute and furry i love my rabbit benjamin. he is the best bunny in the world. they need alot of attenion water, food and tlc. Benjamin loves playing in the house, but if you put your rabbit in the house make sure it has got a litter tray! But DO NOT use cat litter because when your rabbit is going to the toilet it could get trapped in his bottom and it can seriousley make them very , very pauly! If you want to house train your rabbit i suggest that you train them when they are younger because if you try and train them when there older they will not follow to what you mean. When you feed your rabbit give it a nice bowl full, not to much and not to less. when you give your rabbit some water give them a good amount and then through out the day it is good if you check that it is full enough. Give the rabbit some hay and sawdust in its cage. And BEFORE you let your rabbit out in the garden make sure that there are no places were your rabbit can escape. If your rabbit ever gets pauly take the rabbit to the vets straight away.
From Emma Louise Kirrane

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Julie - 2005-05-06
i have a wonderful russian dwarf hamster! It is well-mannered, active and an all around great hamster. If your think about getting one, try this one out for size. Our little buddies name is fleapit (named by my kids) and is great family pet! She has NEVER bitten us once, even with all the handling with young kids. We refer to this site for all the care and feeding needs and questions for the proper maintaining of our furry friend. Thanks for having a great site!

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Emmie Mazzotti dill - 2005-05-06
They play like cats... kiss & bark like dogs... eat like squirrels... hang upside down like bats...have monkey tails...They show lots of love and affection...they have a stripe (usually) down their backs that make them kind of look like racoons ...easy to care for ... They make big messes in their cage once you clean it and the next morning you are surprised at the weird mess they make ...They are adorable. the first time I saw one I wanted it so bad I had to buy one. it was worth it!

-Emmie age 9-

Sandy - 2005-05-06
Sugar Gliders are the cutest and most playful animals you will ever see!!


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