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chris - 2005-04-27
Hi I have a Tortiseshell Hamster named Brownie. Tortiseshell Hamsters are related to Black Bear Hamsters. I love Brownie because she is cuddly and cute. The good thing about Tortiseshell and Black Bear Hamsters is that the hamster is guaranteed not to bite. Brownie is about 10 weeks old. When I first bought her we also bought her brother too. They were both about 2 weeks old at the time. A few weeks later we saw both of them mating. It happened to be my hamster Brownie that got pregnant. the guy in the pet store said they were both FEMALES! Then we put them in seperate cages and Brownie is now 6 days pregnant and her litter is a few days away from coming into the Hamster World. If you have a Hamster that is pregnant I would advise you to get a wooden shelter or something to keep the hamster comfortable while giving birth. Hopefully the babies are healthy and like their parents. Tortiseshell and Black Bear Hamsters usually range from $8-$30 depending on the store you purchuse them from. If you know a store that has them and if you would like to have another pet I would advise you buy one since they are such great animals.

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E & T - 2005-04-27
We have two of them, the 1st one we got last year was a real baby about 1/2 inch long. About a week later it had a growth spree,it got to be a inch. We then went and got our 2nd one, it too was a baby. we have strange water where we live (we think)because within 2 full months one of them reached 2 1/2inches and the other wasnt too far behind in length. for a bit there, my husband and I thought that the big one was dead several times cause he wouldnt move or anything for several days. We came to learn that was normal for them. we have had these 2 now for a little over a year. the 1 first one is over 5 inches long and during its growth we suspect it was the S.O.B that ate our rosey barbs & cherry barbs, as a means of a late night snack attack! the 2nd one is just chilling on the growth thing for now we think! We have a 50 gal bow front with a wide vareity of fish in it(3 bala sharks, 1 tinfoil barb, 2 cory cats, 1 pictus cat, 1 8"upside down cat (named pete: he is all black, no dots or anything, never seen one like pete before, and we have a pleco, lacydontus, and 2 shubunkins. they all enjoy themselves and get along nicely.

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Sophia Haworth - 2005-04-27
I had a very small mouse named sarah {formally known as hoodini). I got her when she was just a baby mouse and I could hardly hold her. she never really grew much and one day she escaped. she was so small she slipped through the bars without any difficulty! We caught her a little while later and put her in a small aquarium with a plastic lid and she gnawed a hole in it! Now she is living in my room as a wild mouse {I know this because of the droppings she leaves} And I still have not caught her!

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Shawn - 2005-04-27
They can easily be tamed to hand feed and great companions

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Tammy Holland - 2005-04-26
My husband just bought a holland lop for my 25th birthday! I named him Jasper. He is the cutest bunny ever. Very spunky, great personality.

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Shaun Duffy - 2005-04-26
I have 2 sucking loaches, one i have had for 2 weeks and the other 2 monthes. My fish are nocturnal only coming out in the night where they feed on the algae. They love being in the castle and are peaceful to my other fish. But they are not friendly to each other.

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will mccombe - 2005-04-26
they are truly beautiful. i have a deep purple one. the problem is though, he attacks my female, though there has been no eggs.

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J.B - 2005-04-26
I have a broken mini dwarf rex and she is the sweetest thing, her name is chipits she is two years old

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Sean - 2005-04-26
Useful, easy to use, full of information and straight forward. Good pictures. an excellent site on fish

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stacey mezzer - 2005-04-26
hey my name is stacey and i have been breading rabbits for over 12 years now and i have never met a more loveable breed, ever. when you are feeling down and just want somthing to cuddle its there. i would recommend this to small children of all ages. this pet is all so great if your not that keen on rabbits


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