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LeeAnn - 2005-05-10
Hi I purchased a Derbyan Parakeet yesterday, 4 month old male. I have been looking for sites with good information & I just found yours. Thank you for this site & great information. This is a beautiful bird & seems so loving I can't wait until he is adjusted to us & his new enviorment. I can tell were going to have years of enjoyment with this bird.

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daniel - 2005-05-10
I recently got three electric yellows and ive found that one of those is extremely territorial and they all love to borrow, they have dug caves in the sand around most of my rocks.

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Donna Gary - 2005-05-10
I live in Northern California and have been raising Gouldians for about 10 years. I have bred indoors in single pair cages and outdoors in open flights. I keep all of my Goulds in NON heated environments. The indoor birds have windows open allowing for temperature changes in the summer and winter. My birds easily tolerate 40 degree nights in the winter and 105 degree days in the summer. I do not provide heat lamps outdoors either. I only wrap the outdoor aviary in plastic during winter to keep out strong weather and wind. A variation in temperature is necessary for a strong healthy bird. Birds raised in temperate climates with minimal temperature changes tend to be frail when exposed to change. This leads to deaths when birds are sold to folks that do not mirror the conditions in the temperate environment. See research completed by Robert Black entitled "hot house finches" for further details.
Donna Gary

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  • Garth Hokanson - 2010-04-20
    I am looking for a couple of LG males. Do you have any available?
    Garth in SEbastopol
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michele - 2005-05-10
I have a solid black rat named Princess. She is so cute. I also have had 2 black hooded rats and a tan hooded rat. I have also raised a litter of rats. I would get more rats but my mom does not want me to because of the lumps that they can get.

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Ryan Horstmann - 2005-05-09
Hi, I just got a double yellow amazon about a month ago... I work at a pet store and raised the bird from a baby and had never heard him talk or anything. In the month I have had him, he has learned 20+ different words and the complete "Adams Family" whistle. These birds are very vocal and great to have around. I like him a lot and hope that others get into the bird hobby.

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Anonymous - 2005-05-09
i have a netherland dwarf (aged 9) and she was very very unfriendly. in the last 2 months or so she has become friendly! just to give anyone who has one like mine some hope

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R Rahm - 2005-05-09
I would highly advise that you keep these banjos in groups, and when you turn the aquarium lights off watch them swarm in a pack to clean up leftovers.

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asp - 2005-05-09
i bought my blk moor last week. i put him with my betta. i named him arthur. he is very busy swimming and stealing food from my betta. he's really cute. i watch him swim all over to the top looking for food like crazy. i feed him twice a day. i think he must be italian lol. i hope he lives for along time!!!

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Bert - 2005-05-09
I have 3 Blue Gourami in a 30 gallon tank. Two are about 3 inches, the other 4 and a half. I also have 6 neon tetras, 2 penguin tetras, a redtail shark, 4 red eye tetras, 4 glowlight tetras (i think that's what they are, lol), 3 algae eaters, 1 red platy, and a 6 inch Plecostomus Catfish. Added each new fish type at least a week apart. Started the tank about 9 months ago, took time to get the water right, chemically. Fish stopped dying after the 2nd month. The last addition was about 5 weeks ago. No deaths to report as of yet. I've been feeding both floating flakes and sinking pellets for the bottom feeders.

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halyie - 2005-05-08
I am getting a mini lop today, more later


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