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Amanda McMillen - 2014-09-27
Can bubble fish live with out there bubbles, I have one but we just recently noticed that it's bubbles are gone

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    Yes they can live without them, often they will grow back after they've been damaged, but they are never the same as they were at the start.
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Ky - 2014-09-28
My pink toe has completely covered her tank in Web and blocked herself off from the water dish, I don't know if I can tear the Web while she's in it because she refuses to come out. She's also not eaten for more than 3 weeks and her abdomen has gotten skinnier, what should I do?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    I would make sure she always access to the water, but the web and not eating can be typical behaviors. Read some of the other comments too, because these behaviors are often discussed.
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Onetimehowett - 2014-09-28
I got a Ross haired Chilean tarantula about 2 months ago I've been taking good care of him and I have been holding him he usually just climbs in my hand but recently a he started moving around alot and wouldn't get in my hand at all and today he won't move at all even when I poke him what is wrong with him is he ok and I'm pretty sure he's not molting they get on there back when they molt

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    Even though he's not molting right now, it sounds like he may be getting ready too.
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Thomas Dowd - 2014-09-28
I've had an African Knifefish (Brown?) for about six months, except when I'm cleaning the tank, I've never seen it during the day.  Sometimes I'll come into the room after dark and see it swimming around the tank. It appears to be in good health, the tank is well planted withmany binding places.  I understand they tend to be nocturnal, but are there lights I can use to draw them out, and view them?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    You can use a red light bulb to see them when it's dark as they don't see the light. These bulbs are usually sold in the reptile section of a pet store as a nighttime bulb, some reptiles only get active at night too.
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doverony - 2014-09-29
hi i have a diamond dove pair, 3 days b4 my male dove fly away, then i bought a new male dove but previous pair behavier looking helpful and share mentality. Now with this new male dove previous female not match. they always distance create. but not make fighting. 2 days running that i bought new male. previous female age 5 months & new male age 8 months. how i solve this problem & make a sweet pair like previous?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    I'm thinking you're going to have to give them time to get to know each other.
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JITESH - 2008-09-15
I have two goldfish, a black moor, black molly, and one ballon molly. To keep them healthy I give them paraxin 500 capules, because of these capules they don't get sick.

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  • sakshi kumar - 2014-09-29
    hey ... i just read your cmmnt . Can you pls tel me after how many days,should i have to put paraxin in my tank??.. actually my fish fins are getting red and i m nt understanding what is going on ! Thank eww...
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Brenda Boles - 2010-09-21
I have what is supposed to be a Havanese, looks and acts like a Havanese, is very sweet, etc., etc. One thing though -- he is 25 pounds now! When I got him, he was a rescue dog and weighed 22.5 pounds and was thin. Everything I've read says they weigh a lot less. Height to his withers is 11.25". I think he needs to lose about 2 pounds. Is he a Havanese? I also thought maybe he was a Tibetan Terrier, however, his legs are short like a Havanese.

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  • Tammy - 2010-11-20
    I have a purebread Havanese and he is 3 1/2 now and 24 lbs. He is at his healthiest when he is 22 lbs. Havanese can get this big! I have a second 1 1/2 yr. old and he is only 9 lbs. Really, it all depends on the parents, but there is quite a range! They are sweet, funny dogs though, aren't they?
  • Heike Kaden - 2011-08-06
    Hallo Brenda,
    Your maxi-Havanese is just darling! Maybe a little bearded Collie a couple of generations back. Surely there is some other dog beside Havanese in him.
    I have a Havanese, pedigree dates back to Pillowtalk`s, she weighs 5 kg.
    Well, unusual situations, require an unusual handling - Your Maxi-Havanese is a very special one, this kind can not be bought anywhere. How about this?
    He looks a little like my other dog, I brought him to Germany from Turkey, a big big darling.
    All the best for you and Maxi-Havanese,
    best regards from Germany
    (Mrs.) Heike Kaden
  • Audrey - 2014-09-29
    Yes they are sweet, comical, loyal, sensitive, friendly,highly intelligent, prideful breed. We love our Havanese as if she were another child or sibling....
  • Audrey - 2014-09-29
    Our 3 1/2 year old fluctuates between 22 to 25 lbs. The Vet says her weight is perfectly normal. Most of her weight is in her full
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HAmza ahmed - 2014-09-29
My fishes are dying my tiger barb just died today and my other tiger barb have white spots on her fins and I don't have a ich water conditioner Help

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    Start with a partial water change, and then see the ich info here: fish diseases and treatments for ways you can treat ich.
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rana sannan - 2014-09-03
Im from pakistan ... I have 4000 gram black scorpian ....range from 5gram to 60 wel as i have 5 Leopard Jecko more then 100 gram each......i want to sell them at good price .. Cntect me if u r intrested 03008622888

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  • aamir - 2014-09-19
    w have 12 scorpion in 10 to 35 gm call me 03422900099
  • shahid - 2014-09-20
    plz tell me what is the price of these scorpion tell me with weights and contact me munir abbasi 03455001515
  • Furqan Khan - 2014-09-29
    whats price of 4000 gm
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Kuba - 2011-05-31
If I buy cow fish as a baby can i keep him in 28 gal nano cube?
How long i can have him for ?
I heard they grow up slowly.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-31
    28 gallons is big enough as the cow fish will supposedly be 20 inches as an adult. Figure one inch of fish (as an adult) for each gallong of water. 20 inches so at least 20 gallons as you have to subtract for plants and flooring and decorations. Leave your question up and I would look into this a little more cuz some say problems with these nano cubes.
  • Krista - 2011-09-14
    No. 28 gallons is not big enough. The Longhorn Cowfish needs at least 100-150 gallons at full length. Even as a baby 28 gallons won't be big enough and he will probably die and poison everything else in your tank.

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