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vidyumna - 2014-08-04
My bird oggy passed away .He was a legend very active.I tried to accompany female bird three times but none survived.since couple of days he became per the advice I administered antibiotics for two days.110 mg tablet dissolved in one litre water and a small quantity od this kept in the water bowl.
Next day new preparation prepared and kept
But third day i lost him.very much depressed
Why this happened.experts please let me know.want to be cautious in future.please answer

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    Its hard to say why your bird died. They live on average 12 to 14 years and are very hardy. It sounds like your bird may have been sick, because you said you were advised to start an antibiotic treatment. Presumably you told them about, or they saw, physical symptoms that indicated this type of treatment. The best way to get an answer is to have your veterinarian perform an autopsy, yet even that may or may not be conclusive.
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Quentin - 2014-08-03
I have a yellow nape amazon named (Ima)and she goes to work with my wife Arla every day and she's a very good girl she stays on her perch and doesn't squack everyone in the complex knows (Ima) and the bird lady.

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Brianna - 2013-04-24
I acquired my tortoise from a relative recently and only after much research found it to be (I hope) a Russian tortoise. Crush is a little trouble maker with some attitude lol but he is very smart and knows when it's time to eat. He has been staying in a large wooden enclosure filled with 'critter care' bedding that seems to suit him fine. Is there anything else I should provide him?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-24
    These are great little tortoises, and it sounds like you're on your way to a great time with your new friend. The information above will give you a good overview of what they need. Wishing you and your Russian Tortoise all the best.
  • wayne - 2014-08-03
    Brianna you need to provide 90 degree heat at one end for him to bask under and a cooler end of 70 degrees. At night shut lights and heat off as his nights should be light and heat free to simulate his natural environment. Also his shelter should be placed at the cooler end.Best of luck,research, research, research !!
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JRyan - 2014-08-03
So, I just got an eye-biter at a local pet store. interestingly enough the pet store clerk had it in with and labeled as a venustus cichlid. I knew right a way it was something unique. Anyway, now I have it in a tank by itself and am looking to add some fish mates from another tank I have. The fish I want to add are catfish so my question is whether or not the catfish I have, which are of multiple species, will be compatible with my compressiceps. Now the catfish are the same size or bigger so I know that part is alright but if anyone has any useful information for me I would much appreciate it.

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Sandi Harrison - 2013-03-22
I have an eight-month-old male Chion and he is the most lovable dog I have ever had. He got parvo three weeks after I got him even though he had been vaccinated and survived after five days in ICU. He loves everyone and I have him at my store with me every day. He loves his three 20+ pound cats, one in particular. He is a joy and when I mate him in a few months with a Chion who has the same father different mother, I am going to keep one of the litter. He's very fussy about food and pants a lot in a car, but other than that, he is snuggly and lovable and loves kids and people in general. I think having him around people all day has been good for him. He loves to play and in the yard it is impossible to catch him when he's running in circles. He is very very smart!! I love him a lot as he has stolen my heart!!

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  • Nima - 2014-08-03
    That is so beautiful! As you said, the socialization at the store has been great for him. They are very smart. We absolutely love our dog, Caya.
Rusty Vazquez - 2013-04-21
We have a male Chion that will turn 7 in May. He is a real joy. Very loving and extremely smart. Loves to cuddle and sleep with his mama and daddy right between us on his back with his head on the pillow. He loves to travel especially to go camping. I do not let him off the leash unless he is in an enclosed area because he loves to chase birds, squirrels and cats. He is ok around older children but does not like younger children and tends to growl and snap at them if they approach him.

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  • Toby Jungle - 2013-04-21
    Cool beans! Gotta love Chions, they are such great companions
  • Toby Jungle - 2013-04-21
    We love Chions paPillions
  • Nima - 2014-08-03
    Ours, also, loves to sleep in bed between us with her head on the pillow as well as going for car rides and walks on the beach. We take our Chion, Caya, for walks off-leash on some trails at a park near us and luckily, we've never had problems with her going off (they're quite loyal to their owners). On occasion she will run up to a tree that a squirrel is going up, but always joins us in a few minutes. You might be able to work with a trainer to help with your dog's agression towards younger children. Ours is great with people of all ages.
Kelly Coleman - 2013-04-23
Wow, amazing the difference in just one day. Our new puppy Chion came home sweet and fairly docile, and is apparently getting very comfortable in her new home. She was extremely rambunctious but also very aggressive with nipping and biting, almost uncontrollably. Any suggestions on how to discipline aside from a good stern 'NO' each time?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-23
    Sounds like a cute and energetic puppy. I would start with love and consistent gentle discipline. But most of all, she's a puppy, so I would say patience and giving her plenty of time to get used to her new home and to grow up.
  • Nima - 2014-08-03
    I agree with the previous individual. As they are energetic, I would also suggest daily walks and games to stimulate them.
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lee - 2010-10-07
Can a Sulcata tortoise live outdoor in my garden? I live in California, Los Angeles and the weather is 70 to 90 day time, 40 to 60 night time.

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  • laurie - 2012-11-20
    yes but you have to keep a very close eye on them and if they are not fully grown birds will try to eat them and also sulcata tortoises hate and do not go well with dogs
  • suzanne - 2014-08-03
    I have had our sulcata tortoise for 9 years and she grew up with and gets along with my 9 yr old teacup poodle, 7 year old pug and 2 year old boxer. In fact she sleeps in their dog house with them. To say they don't get along dogs is nit correct.
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Olive (sorry but this is very detailed and long) - 2014-08-03
Hi i recently adopted a Britannia Petite Rabbit named Olive (hence my name) When i first got her home, I gave her time to get used to the surroundings of her cage which is big enough for her to jump around 4 1/2 times the length of herself (as she is just a baby) I then put a litter box in her cage a left her for the remainder of the day and night obviously with food and water. The next day I opened the cage door and made it her decision as to when she wanted to come out. I then proceeded to look in her litter box and noticed she had used it, I thought this was weird because she was just a baby and had never been litter box trained before but i saw she hadn't gone anywhere else in her cage. She was born litter box trained! When she finally came out of her cage I lay on my floor with my laptop, in my bunny proofed room, and let her explore me and the room. She sniffed my and each day we did this for a couple hours, we started with baby steps. Then i started getting her used to my hands, I tried to fed her carrots from my hand but she wouldn't take it yet,I started with a long carrot and made it shorter an shorter till she was eating right off my palm. Now she was associating my hands with treats. Anyways after a couple weeks of this she is now completely comfortable around me and follows me everywhere I go, she is completely litter trained and loves to lick:) I try to pick her up a little as possible but when I do she has no problem with it. If you want to tame and bond with your Britannia Petite rabbit this is the way to do it! I can honestly say she is the perfect bunny, even if she needs hours of floor time every day! Sorry this was so long and detailed but thanks for reading!!

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  • hi - 2014-08-03
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Pedro Perez - 2014-08-02
3 years ago i ran into max. . . . She's a 51/2 blue and gold macaw. . . . She's the love of my life and i take her with me in town


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